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Quality system

The purpose of quality policy - increasing the competitiveness of products to meet the requirements of consumers in quality and price, expansion of domestic and international markets, improving the economic condition of the company and the material well-being of every employee.

To achieve this goal we consider it necessary:   

  •     Systematic improvement of professional skills and training of the staff.
  •     Improve the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009.
  •     Constant study of the requirements of our regular and potential customers, improving product mix.
  •     Selecting reliable suppliers and long-term partnership with them to ensure the production of high quality raw materials and materials.
  •     Improving the interaction between all departments and employees of the enterprise, providing continuous improvement of product quality.
  •     The application of modern principles of management.
  •     Improving the quality and preventing the release of nonconforming product by improving the production process: the modernization of existing and introduction of modern technology equipment.
  •     Bringing Quality Policy to all employees for the purpose of engaging them in a conscious process of quality management.
  •     Improving the safety management system in accordance with the requirements of STB 1470-2012 on all kinds of products.




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